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Jul 5, 2023
WalletConnect v2.0 upgrade

WalletConnect v2.0 upgrade

We're thrilled to announce the release of WalletConnect v2.0 within Levain, and have deprecated WalletConnect v1.0 which has been sunset by the WalletConnect team. This latest version of the open-source protocol significantly enhances the bridge between decentralized applications (dApps) and Levain Wallets. With WalletConnect v2.0, you can expect a more reliable, faster, and secure connection, streamlining your experience and making it easier than ever to interact with dApps from your Levain Wallet.

Choosing your own gas fees with EIP-1559

The Ethereum network can get congested, and gas fees can vary widely. That's why we've implemented support for EIP-1559, an Ethereum protocol-level upgrade that introduces a more predictable gas fee system. Now, you have the freedom to set your own gas fees when initiating transactions through Levain, for EVM-compatible chains with EIP-1559 implemented. Whether you're in a hurry and willing to pay a premium or content to wait for lower fees, the choice is yours.

Portfolio reporting improvements

Your portfolio is the heart of your digital assets management experience, and we've made several enhancements to make tracking your digital assets even better. We've refined the UI for a more intuitive experience and added new data points.

Filtering of dust and spam tokens

We understand how annoying it can be to see 'dust' (tiny, almost worthless token balances) and spam tokens cluttering your portfolio. Our new filtering feature automatically hides these assets from your view, allowing you to focus on the tokens that truly matter to you.