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Jul 12, 2023
Gas Fees
Better gas fees estimation when creating Levain Wallets

Better gas fees estimation when creating Levain Wallets

In this update, we've refined our gas fee estimation algorithms to offer more precise cost projections during the wallet initialization process. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are creating and managing multiple self-custodial wallets at scale. Accurate gas fee estimations are crucial for optimizing operational costs when creating and managing large numbers of self-custodial wallets.

Improving tokens holding display in the Wallet view

Understanding the need for efficient asset management in institutional settings, we've improved the Wallet view to provide a more streamlined and informative display of token holdings. The updated interface allows for easier navigation and quick access to essential asset information, facilitating better decision-making for operations teams. This is especially useful for operations teams within your business that require a quick yet comprehensive overview of digital assets for both reporting and operational purposes.