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Oct 2, 2023
Levain App
Levain App Modern UI is now in Public Beta!

Levain App Modern UI is now in Public Beta!

We are thrilled to announce that the Levain App Modern UI is now available for public beta testing! This revamped user interface has been meticulously crafted from the ground up, aiming to provide an enhanced user experience tailored to both developers and those overseeing treasury fund management.

Why the New UI?

We recognized the growing needs of our user base and understood that the previous interface might not be sufficient for today's dynamic requirements. To better serve our users and expand our product offerings, we needed a more flexible and scalable UI which could be easily extended to support new features and functionalities.

Notable Features & Changes

  • Seamless Switching: Dive into the Modern UI experience effortlessly by clicking on the "Try Modern UI (Beta)" button located at the top right corner of the Levain App. You can switch back to the Classic UI at any time by clicking on the "Switch to Classic UI" button.
  • Beta Considerations: We're excited about the Modern UI, but please note that as it is in its beta phase, not all features are supported yet. We encourage you to provide feedback and report any issues, helping us refine the experience even further.
  • Header Context Menu: We've demised the sidebar and moved the navigation menu to the header. Through the header context menu, you can now easily discover and access your organization features, settings, switch between organizations (coming soon), based on your current context.
  • Improved Performance: The Modern UI is built with the latest technologies and frameworks, providing a more responsive and performant experience. We've moved more of the application logic to the server-side to reduce the amount of work the browser has to do, resulting in faster page load times and a more fluid user experience.
  • Developer Features: We've added a new "Developer" section to the header context menu, allowing you to easily access developer-specific features such as the GraphQL Explorer, Object UUIDs, and more.
  • Multi-Org Support: Coming Soon!
  • Dark Mode: Coming Soon!