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Nov 15, 2023
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Deposit Address
Wallet Recovery Kit
Levain v18

Levain v18

  • Released the reset 2FA recovery codes feature for users to reset their 2FA recovery codes, meant to recover their accounts in case they lose their 2FA device.
  • Released a brand new layout for Transactions, Transaction Requests and its respective detail pages.
  • Released a new Wallet Recovery Kit PDF layout, users creating wallets from today will now get their Wallet Recovery Kit PDFs in the new layout.
  • Optimized multiple mutations, includng flushWalletDepositAddress, batchFlushWalletDepositAddress, updateWalletDepositAddress, createDepositAddress, createTransactionDigests, signTransactionRequest, createTransactionRequest, activateDepositAddress, submitSignature, executeTransaction.
  • Optimized deposit address creation under-the-hood.