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Feb 29, 2024
Chain: DeFiChain
Token Balances
App Performance
Levain v25

Levain v25

  • Improved the way Levain handles decimals for token balances, currencies and prices. This change allows Levain to handle big numbers from user inputs.
  • Added support for DeFiChain's DeFi Standard Token (DST) transfers. DSTs are known as dTokens. Previously, you could only receive DeFiChain dTokens, now you can also send them.
  • Added support for consolidating DeFiChain DSTs. This feature allows you to consolidate multiple DeFiChain dTokens into a single transaction.
  • Cached pricing for prices. This change improves the performance of Levain App by caching the prices of tokens.
  • Fixed issue with USD prices rounding display bug.