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Mar 7, 2024
Chain: Ethereum
API Idempotency
Transaction Requests
Whitelisted Addresses
Levain v26

Levain v26

  • Sunsetting support for Ethereum Goerli Testnet as majority of node providers are deprecating support for the testnet. Users are ecnouraged to use the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet on Levain instead.
  • Added API-level idempotency for all API requests. This change ensures that the same request can be made multiple times without causing any side effects. For more information, see API Idempotency.
  • Added a new clientRequestId field to the createTransactionRequest API. This change allows you to specify a unique identifier for the transaction request. For more information, see the API documentation.
  • Added whitelisted address labels to Transactions Requests and Transactions. This change will show you your own label for the whitelisted address in the transaction request and transaction details.
  • Increased the number of requests shown in the global transaction requests tab to 100.
  • Fixed order of recovery code reset notification toast.
  • Fixed display bug with USD prices.