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Mar 12, 2024
Chain: OKX X1
App Performance
Levain v27

Levain v27

  • Integrated with the OKX X1 Testnet. You can now create and manage wallets with the OKX X1 Testnet on Levain. For more information, refer to the OKX website.
  • Moved wallet assets and USD value to be loaded client-side instead, to improve Levain App performance.
  • Added transaction notes to the transaction request initiation flow. You can now add notes to your transaction requests to help you keep track of your transactions.
  • Added support for DeFiChain DST balances. You can now view your DeFiChain DST balances in Levain App.
  • Added SEND_TO_MANY transaction type. This change allows you to send funds to multiple addresses in a single transaction. SDK example will be provided shortly.